Just your average day at the office…Slime, psychotic episodes and baby ducks

History…the Librarians have had the Science classes in all week making slime.

E: “So honey, how was your day?”

Me: “It was great! I was standing at my post in the middle of the bleachers with my sophomores during the pep rally and was hit in the head. It first felt like a water bottle…half full of water. A plastic-kind of feeling. Immediately I put my hand to the back of my head anticipating a wet, slimy grossness…but nothing. My hair was dry.”

Time for the class yell… “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! THATS THE SOPHOMORE BATTLE CRY!”

“As I looked down in the bleachers to my right there it was. A purple slime filled condom! Bwahahaha I could hardly breathe I was laughing so hard!”

“I did the John Belushi and tried to locate the ‘arm’…but they all looked like the Toy Story characters…frozen in place.

Faces totally stoic. Looking straight ahead.

So I turned around and jumped back into the pep rally. Minutes later I look down to my right again and I see another slime-filled condom. Only this one is blue!!!

I pretend I don’t see it until a boy tries to sneak past me and sit near them. One stern look in his direction and a thumbed gesture to get out of there and he moves back from whence he came.

A few more minutes and I bend down and casually pick them both up. Behind me I hear a loud Ooooooo!!! Grosssss!!! So I shake them at them and pretend that I will throw them back…they all duck and try to hide behind the other kids.

So I put them in the pocket of my jacket.

Later, after the pep-rally, I take the slime-filled to the Librarians who absolutely crack up!

Still giggling, I walk back to my classroom with my colleague, we hear someone screaming like they have been shot! We break out in a full run and round the corner to find three cops and a VP carrying a student into a classroom! What?! WHAT?!

Psychotic episode. Nothing to see here folks. Keep walking….O……K…..?

And then driving out of the gate…I see these guys! 10 of them and their Momma. Made my whole week!”

E: “Sounds like a great day babe. Wanna order a pizza and binge watch This Is Us?”


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