Keto Baby Steps vs. Diet Weekend Warriors

Have you ever reached your limit? Knowing that stepping on that scale to see yourself one pound heavier is going to make your head completely spin off?

Yup! (raises hand and tries to make eye-contact with someone who can help)

A year ago this was me. I was so done with myself. So tired of feeling tired. Because the sugars and carbs in bread/rice/pasta products always converted quickly into stored fat in places on my body that I would just as soon NOT have. You know those places…like your chin(s), your belly/jelly roll of flubber around your middle and that all too ‘precious’ BACK FAT!!! (Screams!)

I had been gluten free for a year. But it just was not enough. I was still eating sugar in other forms. The fat remained in spite of eliminating the processed gluten.

The step off of that scale was my first baby step into the Keto Lifestyle.

We do not say ‘diet’ here in the Keto Trailer Park…because the word diet, in and of itself, implies a temporary status. Lifestyle is fa-evah my dahlings! We are doing this fa-evah! Because we love it and live it every single day for the rest of our healthy and beautiful lives. Can I get an amen?

When you start with small changes that sometimes feel like major hurdles…the big changes begin to come with ease. So here we go…a few small Baby Steps. Come go with me.

Baby Step 1 – Eliminate all products containing sugar or wheat from your pantry. Say Adios to chips, crackers, snack mixes, breakfast bars, cake mixes, bread mixes, wheat flours, rice mixes/rice, quick fix pasta meals, etc. Load all of this up in Wally bags and take it to your local food pantry/Salvation Army kitchen/Catholic Charities…you get me. And please don’t forget your receipt! Because this crap is expensive! Take that off of your taxes.

Baby Step 2 – Maybe the same day? Maybe not. If you are like me? The first few days I am a Diet Weekend Road Warrior. Best to get it done while you are on a roll and cannot backslide.

Eliminate any and ALL foods in your refrigerator that contain sugar. Sugar has many names. Google it! Read ALL labels and either give the opened containers to a friend, neighbor, Co-worker? Or take them to the office and place in the office frig for those onery co-workers/nay sayers to use up. Because if you are like me…you cannot stand to see food wasted. Even if it is poisonous to you.

At this point have a pep talk with yourself that you are clearing your kitchen of all substances that are toxic to you and your family. Even if you have ‘littles’ do not buy into the premise that you are depriving them of their sugar. Lord! Do you want them to grow up with the same unhealthy associations with food and sugar that you have? No ma’m/sir! You do not. Buy healthier alternatives of snacks for them and keep them in a special cabinet that is OFF LIMITS to you. More on this in another post.

Make it go away. ALL OF IT!

Baby Step 3 – Go through your spice cabinet and cull out anything that contains sugar here too! Pull your trash can over to the cabinet and just toss this mess. No sense at this point in sharing the crappeth.

You will find that by now you are reading every label and making intelligent choices about not only what is ‘In’ your food…but what you put ‘On’ your food.

Get this stuff out of your kitchen/house.

And get ready to make a shopping list. Because you are going to need healthy provisions. Switch the gears in your mind to think about food as fuel. And sugar is not part of the mix. It makes the engine run inefficiently.

Take a few Baby Steps here with us. Find a support group that shares success stories and recipes. And get ready for a healthier and fit lifestyle and looser jeans! Summer is just around the corner. Come go with me…in Baby Steps.

And now for the license disclosure…because I am a nurse and not licensed to prescribe a diet or any medications for you the information provided is purely my and my husband’s own personal success. It is never a bad idea to check with a licensed provider prior to embarking on any weight loss plan. Just know that the medical community has literally a thimble full of information about Keto and will stand firm on their food pyramid of the last 25 years! However, their evidence-based research should be enough to turn anyone away from it to explore something new.

Steppingly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️♥️🚋

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