Nadine on…Vacations

I am of the slant that vacations are imperative. At least once a year. All trailer park people need to break step with the mundane ordinariness of life in the fast lane and get away.

Preferably to somewhere where the pace is slower.

It was inevitable. August was almost upon Jose’ and myself and were ready to pull up the stops before school set back in.

Disappointed by a last minute cancellation of our Sturgis trip due to technical difficulties outside of our span of control…we opted once again for Mexico.

We do love us some Mexico.

So with swimsuit and snorkel gear in hand I booked the trip. As I white knuckled the phone I was fearful that our late decision would lead to a price tag of astronomical proportions.

But…I was wrong.

Mexico doesn’t disappoint.

The price is still very right. As long as you don’t need a 7-star accommodation like the Emperor’s Palace in Adu Dhabi…you’re good. Besides, Jose’ is not a fan of those “mega resorts” full of (shudders) children and buffets with their industrialized food troughs. Blech.

An ‘adult-only’ boutique hotel suits us just fine. We’re simple folk. As long as it has a clean, comfortable bed and an air conditioner we’re good! Walking distance to most everything including the coffee shop, restaurants, market and the beach sum up about all of the amenities we require as a couple.

I’m not sure yet if this year will include moped rentals due to last years crash and burn…lol…but I’m willing to get back on that pony for another ride! Ha. You can bet your sweet bippie that I will double tap and look both ways…twice…when exiting the church!

Dang Mexican communion wine.

Additionally plans for a fishing trip and a snorkel excursion will most likely top the list of this trips ‘to-do’s’. Some hammock swinging, book reading and adult beverage drinking might also be in order.

Vacationally yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎 ☮️♥️🚋

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