This is temporary

This – I repeat, THIS is temporary.

This is NOT the new norm.

This is tragic.

This is hideous on so very many different levels.

This is crazy talk and the Twilight Zone.

This is mad.

And for just one minute, this is beautiful. Beautiful? Some of you are probably shaking your head about now wondering if I have been day drinking.

That all depends on if it is a day ending in ‘y’. Mind your own busyness.

Back to the beauty. Yes. There is beauty in this when you look for it. It’s that melancholy beauty of love entwined with hate. For many of us, we love that we have the time to dial it down. To catch our breath. This is almost a welcome staycation. After running so hard – and for so long – we might be able to admit it is nice to waste an hour or two putting a puzzle together. Or stand out on the drive way and toast the setting sun. To have the time to take a walk each and every day. We now have the time to garden, binge watch TV shows and movies, to cook, to clean, to organize, to write or do anything else you have not had the time to do. The time to sit for thirty minutes without doing one single thing. Not one thing. It’s more than beautiful. It’s delicious. It’s the ordinary being extraordinary again.

I see people doing all sorts of things we once did back when life paced itself slower. People are sitting out on their front porches in the evening again and I love how they wave to me as I walk by with the dog. Some step out to greet me and to pet her. I see people riding bicycles. And people are walking more. The tradition of the evening stroll is even back in vogue. More so than the usual springtime in Galveston, Texas I assure you.

It’s this time in this life.

Never would any of us have imagined this to occur in our lifetimes. But it has.

And we are dealing with it.

One change at a time.

One day at a time.

One restriction at a time.

Because we know this is not permanent. This is temporary my trailer park people. Things will change again as they always do. Of course we will be different after this. For a while, anyway, we will be different.

Some will never be the same.

But THIS? This is temporary.

This can’t cripple us. We are humans. We will rise above as the intelligent and compassionate people we are. We will fight the good fight. And we will survive this.

This – temporary.

So for now stay well. Stay home.


Self quarantinely yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world šŸŒŽ