Happy New Year Lovers and Friends

Here’s to wishing you and yours a peaceful and prosperous New Year! 🍾🥂

May it bring a new chapter(s) of challenges and adventures!

Chapters where you are:

*Less reactive and more proactive

*Where you actually WANT to be kinder

*A happy place where you are accepting of people’s shortcomings (including your own)

*A mindset where you strive to do the work for personal growth

*A place where you avoid unsafe people at all costs

*Time to make sweet and meaningful memories

*The abilities to make lists – and actually cross things off. Even if it’s one stack a day

*Opportunities to learn some new things

*The courage to let go of toxins and people/things that no longer serve you

Happy New Year friends from Nadine Bodine

Your Very BEST friend in the Whole Wide World 🍾🥂