Heads Up in Movieland

Pain and Gain
20.2 Million Box Office $$$
Rotten Tomatoes rating = 48% Critics like it: 61% Audiences like it
Nadine’s Go See Rating = An 8 out of 10 on the pain scale (0 = Bad film, 10= Great film)… if you like Action based films with a touch of comedy/slapstick filtered in, or you just like to look at well-defined Muscle Heads like Wahlberg and Johnson.
***Note to self…don’t take anyone under the age of 15 or so, and definitely don’t take the 95 year old g-maw***
The trailers for this movie bill it as a comedy based on a true story. Starring the super talented Mark Wahlberg, Duane “The Rock” Johnson and Anthony Mackie as the lead bad boys. Tony Shalhoub plays the victim; with fantastic cameo performances by Ed Harris (Apollo 13, Radio and too many to list) and Ken Jeong (Hangover, Hangover Part II, Vampires Suck fame).
The movie opens as it closes…by that, I mean both the opening scene and the closing scene are the same…and I found that intriguing and interesting. So did Jose’.
The comedy isn’t as prevalent as the trailers would have you believe. That doesn’t mean to say you’ve seen all the good stuff in the trailer and the movie doesn’t have some other good parts and surprises….cause it does!
For Jose’ it became a bit predictable. For me as well…especially something so obvious as cologne. But I’ll stay away from that and let you figure that out for yourself.
The movie moves and turns with some Amazing stunt work and action scenes, dialogue is fair to medium and of course the cars rock! These folks had money!
I will say it ends right and rights do get wronged…for the most part. Without getting all up and political…I’ll say for most of us ,that would be relative.

***Special Note***After we got home and googled the people whom the movie was based on, was when we got the “real” education… these were some truly Bad Guys. I think the families are legit in disagreeing with the “slap stick/bumbling idiot” portrayals of the Bad Guys.***

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