Coffee talk With Nadine

My friend Crystal sent me this poem. It’s perfect.

She hasn’t moved to the trailer park yet therefore she still goes by her own name.

I’m an addict. I love the stuff and could “literally” drink it all day. Hot or cold. I could care less. I just ❤️ coffee.

Hello. My name is Nadine Bodine and I’m addicted to coffee. There. I said it. Admitting is the first step.

Don’t be crossing your fingers or making any bets. It’s the only step I plan on taking.

Sometimes. After work. I get in my car and drink the few sips…if there are any…from the cup. Old cream and all. I’m probably gonna get ptomaine poisoning or something worse. But I don’t care.

Because I’m an addict. It’s my only vice. Ok. That and wine and sex. And shoes. Oh! And purses.

I’m a complete grumpy kitty until I’ve had at least two full cups.

And please don’t ask me to make a lifetime decision bigger than what kind of cereal I’m gonna have. Cause that’s all you’ll get.

Addictedly yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world<<