Nadine on…Love

Meet Mayda-dine and Curly. They taught me how to love. (The dash is silent.)

On June first, eighty years ago two precious people were married in a small church ceremony in Burkburnett, Texas. They were so in love. And full of ideas and ambitions.

Modeling the ‘perfection’ of married love they influenced and mentored so many along the way.

Their perfection became the norm for those of us following in their footsteps. For some of us living here in the Trailer Park it did not take on the first turn out. But with a little practice we have all turned out alright.

Their love was a first Corinthian kind of love. Something we can all learn from.

Patience – I had never before in my life witnessed such an immeasurable amount of patience that these two shared with the other. The cup was never empty. Even when things might have reached the limits for anyone else, they continued to dispense perfect love. As I sat with him in the car on many a Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night to go to church his patience never faltered. And for her, waiting for his deployments both here and abroad and the sickness at the end…she never missed a step. Until his last breath she never once lost it. Impressive.

Kindness – They were always kind. Sweet spoken words with terms of endearment like Honey, Mother and Daddy. Never did I hear a raised voice or an expletive. No harsh tones or uneven temperaments. No yelling or screaming. Just kind words. Always.

Does not envy- They were each other’s champions! Nothing he wanted to do was too big or too far away. She championed his causes and he hers.

Does not boast- There definitely was none of this. Unless they were building the other one up in front of their families and friends. He chronically bragged on her cooking…which, I can now admit wasn’t all that great. But it didn’t matter to him. He was GRATEFUL that she cooked for him. And he told her so often.

Love? Well it

Is not proud-

Does not dishonor-

Is not self seeking-

Is not easily angered-

Keeps no record of wrongs-

Does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth-

Always protects-

Always trusts-

Always hopes-

Always perseveres-.

It perseveres still within all of us. Through their legacy and good example we are able to show others how it is done. No, we are not perfect. But we do try to get it right and lead, as they did, by example.

Lovingly Yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your VERY Best friend in the whole wide world 🌎☮️♥️🚋