Nadine On…Forty Day Trailer Park Fix with Nadine-Day 2-Mind

Protect your spirit

It’s already moving too fast. Today, Day 2, we will begin with the mind.

You are what you think.

I’m pretty sure I just made that up. If not, Google it and let me know. I’ll take credit for it until then.

The ‘negative thoughts bus’ needs to stop here, so we can all get off together.

If you are a glass is half empty kind of person, and unwilling to try to reform, then this may not be the trailer park or Forty Day Fix for you… I’m just saying.

If you want to get along here, or practically anywhere, with any semblance of success, you’re gonna have to let go of the negativism. Right here. Right now.

For some of us, less than Pollyanna types, this will take some practice. We’ve talked before on the kill-switch-word. This is where we will use it.

Let’s practice. Negative thought enters your mind, “I want to suffocate my co-worker with a pillow.” BAM! Insert kill-switch-word of choice for co-worker-who-pushes-all-of-my-buttons-on-any-given-day, and voila you are free from that negative thought.

Again, “That (expletative) Asian man just took the for-sale sign down and hid it!” Insert kill-switch-word for rude-behavior-from-someone-you-don’t-know while you hold on to your Marine to keep him from exiting the truck and beating the living day lights out of said rude person. Negative thoughts vanish like using Whisk for ring around the collar.

I can’t tell you what your kill-switch-words should be. That has to be on your own.

However, here are a few suggestions of words/phrases I personally use that help me in time of need. Maybe they can help you. And when repeated either aloud or just in your mind while you lock yourself in the closet of your office for 5 minutes with all of the lights off can bring a certain calming and positive mind set.

Inhale peace, Exhale joy. (As you inhale and exhale slowly)

Peace. Peace. Peace.


Get behind me Satan!


Peace and Light

This whole idea isn’t all that new. For anyone who has ever watched or loved The Sound of Music and sung to the top of your lungs “My Favorite Things,” it’s pretty much that. I haven’t re-invented the wheel here; I just keep polishing it.

Positively mindfully yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your very BEST friend in the whole entire world

Nadine On…the “kill switch” word

Staying focused is admittedly the most difficult thing when you are trying to spin 8 plates at once. A skill, for which I’m known well. And while, sometimes, in a perfect world, I’ll boast, I rock at this! At other times, I fail miserably.

In line with this year’s personal challenge to better my mind, body and spirit I’m trying to keep it down to just 3 plates. In my mind I am writing ALL of the time. I’m doing pretty well at moving my body 21 days at a time with my workout plan. And spiritually? Well, let’s just say the search is on.

But thoughts travel, the body wanders into the land of ‘forbidden foods in the land of the couch potatoes” and the spirits as restless as a teenager on a cruise ship of old people.

I may be writing ALL of the time…in my head, on my iPhone or with my voice recorder! But I need to put it to paper more often. I have things that need to be published and other things that need to be completed. Too many things.

Moving my body 21 days at a time, mostly, yes! But how to stay on that wagon and how get others to move with me? There’s the task.

Spiritually, now that January is over (don’t ask) I am going to do more investigative research to find a better fit. For me and for my sweet husband.

So how to stay focused and bring all of these things together in harmony? Well, that is the $100,000.00 question.

As with any other well executed program, I know need a plan. A daily plan. But not JUST a plan, also the willingness to execute it. For starters, let’s get rid of the negative thoughts and ideas that keep popping to the surface. In the past, I’ve done this with a ‘kill switch’ word or phrase. Each time something came into my head to shift my focus, I said the “kill switch” word or phrase in my mind to flip my brain back and refocus.

For example, years ago when I was going through a traumatic divorce, I said the phrase, “Don’t kill him!”… your baby needs a Momma who’s not in prison.

When dealing with a difficult doctor in the hospital, I said Thank God, “I’m not married to him!”

And when Faylene was asked to leave the trailer park, I said “Let her go,”… she’s bat shit crazy.

And frequently I’ll just say the word “Jesus.” Works for me.

I think I need a special ‘kill switch’ word for each area so I can stay focused. It can be one word, but I think, better, a phrase.

For the mind, at first, I was thinking the words “Prove them Wrong,” but that has a twinge of negativism. So, instead the phrase, “Be Published,” will work for now. When my mind is torn to other things that just really don’t have any bearing on writing, I’ll use that phrase. And I’ll do it for 30 minutes minimum twice each day.

For the body, a simple, “Be Healthy (or Die trying).” 30 minutes a day for me, and 30 minutes for helping others. My Coach will be proud.

And for the spirit, 30 minutes to get my focus shifted off of the other spinning plates and into the peaceful place I want to be. A centered place free of drama and politics and man-made religion and customs. A higher level, if you will. Closer to the creator. And my phrase will be “Be Centered.”

Yours, published, healthy and centered,

Nadine Bodine

Your very BEST friend in the whole entire world!