Nadine On…The Forty Day Trailer Park Fix with Nadine-Day 4-Mind

whether you think you can
Mentally sick? Or mentally well?

Your mind has the ability to make you sick or well. Did you know that? Of course you did. Scientists have actually proven it, with real research and everything!

Through your thoughts and the power of your mind you can make yourself sick. I’ve witnessed it firsthand. You can also make yourself well. Witnessed that too.

Repeat, you CAN make yourself well.

Through your thoughts.

You CAN actually heal yourself with your mind. That mind/body connection is so much more powerful than anyone gives rise to.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”
And he’s right.

So stop making yourself sick. How do I do that Nadine? You may ask.

Simple. Make up your mind to be as mentally well and physically well as you can.

You are what you think. Think healthy. Think well.

Mindfully well yours,

Nadine Bodine

Your very BEST friend in the whole wide world